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Jay Pounding Out Javiers Tight Hole Add Movie to your Favorites Manage Favorites

Javier Cruz
Jay Alexander

Jay Alexander kisses Javier Cruz hard, their lips meeting as they lose their clothes and their cocks touch, hard and erect as they press against each other.  Javier takes a seat on the bed and lets Jay push his firm cock into his mouth, running his lips up and down Jay’s length and deepthroating that big dick.  When it’s Javier’s turn for some oral he stands up and Jay drops to his knees, grabbing Javier’s thick shaft with his wet mouth and choking on that cock as he takes every inch down this throat. 

He turns Javier over, bending him over the bed and burying his face between Javier’s supple ass cheeks, his tongue flicking and sliding against Javier’s tight hole as he rims it and gets him good and wet before pushing his cock inside that ass.  Jay fucks Javier hard and deep, burying himself to the hilt in Javier’s puckered hole as Javier turns onto his back to get pounded from another angle.  As Jay fills Javier with his pulsing hard cock, Javier grabs his own dick and works it, stroking it nice and slow until he’s shooting hot streams of cum all over himself.  Jay enjoys watching Javier shoot his load and then pulls out of that ass to massage his own prick until even more cum is landing on Javier’s tight stomach!

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