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Conner Mason
Zane Taylor

Conner Mason and Zane Taylor push their bodies together as they join their lips, kissing hard and running their hands along each other’s cocks as they make out.  Zane’s cock comes out first and Conner’s mouth is around it in an instant, sucking that sweet dick until it’s hard and dripping and then letting Zane kneel down for a taste of Conner’s meat next.  As they get hornier and harder by the second, Zane climbs on top of Conner and they 69, each of these sexy guys with a mouthful of cock before Zane straddles Conner and lowers his ass onto that hard prick. 

Zane takes every inch of Conner’s shaft up his hole, riding it hard and letting Conner spread him wide open as he pounds him with that fat dick.  They flip and Zane buries himself in Conner’s tight ass, fucking him doggy style after barely fitting his whole dick in that hole.  When Conner’s ass stretches around Zane’s throbbing cock he pounds him harder, faster, flipping Conner onto his back and spreading those legs to get even deeper until Conner nuts all over himself.  Zane gets a few more good thrusts in before pulling out and shooting his cum across Conner’s chest and abs!

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